Our Products

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is now used across many walks of life, empowering new information sharing and applications as never before. Our signage platform can help your business: in small retail stores, waiting rooms, swimming pools, academic institutions, corporations, and much more customers.

Internal Communication

Unique and easy-to-use digital signage for internal communications is used to better engage and communicate with employees. Display: internal communications, company news, employee announcements, real-time targets and tasks, goals, HR notifications, factory floor metrics and media presentations.

Advertising Networks

Advertising using such networks can be attractive businesses themselves, opening a new avenue for communication to consumers by either industry-specific or very local advertising clients..


Theaters, cinemas and special event centers use digital signage to provide relevant and up-to-date information on shows and events, previews and to provide important directions to guests.

Retail Solution

A smarter way to create new and improved in-store customer experiences.


A better way to easily share information with your patients and staff


Digital signage in educational facilities is used for updates on coming events, displaying news and other stories, information on campus activities and facilities, emergency notifications, displaying sponsor ads, and in their canteen as a digital menu.

Community & religious organizations

Many organizations such as churches, synagogues, town halls, libraries or community centers, rely on spreading the word about their events and activities to encourage participation and to deliver their community services.

Conference and Training Centers

Managing communication of daily and even hourly schedules, directions and other information. Circulating the updated paper notices is highly inefficient, and can easily be resolved by adding digital signage and using a cloud-based platform..


Sport arenas, clubs and workout facilities use digital signage to display real-time/game-time information and statistics, promotions and ads, important directions and emergency alerts.


Hotels, spas and convention centers use digital signage to communicate information to guests and visitors about special events, activities and promotions and to display externally sponsored ads.

Public Transport

Ads and information are being displayed digitally on buses, trains, shuttles, and in taxis

Digital Menu Boards

we provide dynamic digital menu board transitions and includes easy to edit customizable digital menu templates!

Shopping Malls

Promote their stores to consumers, to display local news and information on shopping mall events, activities and facilities, advertisements, menu items in cafes and restaurants, and for emergency alerts.


Your E-Commerce Partner

Exalt Technologies offers customised solutions to Maximize your Ebusiness Success. we can help whether you are building an online business from scratch, considering re-platforming your existing ebusiness, or just want to selectively enhance your existing site.

Initial eCommerce Consulting

To systematically optimize your ebusiness, we can help you to choose right platform, integrate appropriate right site search, customise ecommerce stratergy and to enhance technical and commercial performance online

eCommerce Strategy

Instead of having you wait for the complete new and sophisticated website and lose out on valuable revenue in the interim, we quickly present you with a compact, comprehensive, viable solution, gradually adding more complex features. This way you can keep selling online, while we continue to enhance your ebusiness. Systematically optimize and maximize online conversions, average order values, and overall revenues.

Website Design

Experts teamed with us use cutting-edge technology while designing or redesigning your online presence, to radically enhance the look and feel of your website, maximize user comfort, and effectively support your brand personality.

Website Development

Pragmatical use of technology to create and deliver the right solution for your business.

Custom Solutions

Exalt Technology carefully adapts each one of our ecommerce solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers - and theirs

Third party system integration

We integrate a wide variety of third party solutions, from sophisticated site features, to POS and ERP systems, fulfillment solutions, reporting and analytics applications, to email marketing programs.

Site Hosting

We provide solutions that are safe, secure, and consistently available, maximizing online revenues while minimizing hosting costs, with state-of- the-art, dynamic, auto-scaling technology, .

Internet marketing

We provide advanced SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, email marketing, media buying and additional services to drive relevant traffic to your ebusiness.


E-Learning Solutions

Our E-Learning Solutions is Cloud based Enterprise customized Framework through which LMS solutions essentially function as a “one-stop-shop” for the documentation, administration, assessment, reporting, and delivering of a wide variety of educational courses, training materials, and learning and development programs. we provide LMS development from scratch, upgrade of existing learning management systems, and Customization.

Customized – Cost Effective LMS Solution

Fully Customizable white-label LMS with perpetual IPR, Mobile Compatible with cloud deployment, Easy integration with external systems & third party tools.

LMS as a Service (LaaS) – SaaS Model

Subscription based LMS instance with out-of-the-box features, setup in no-time.

LMS Maintenance & Support

Comprehensive maintenance, support and upgrades as needed.

LMS Administrative Services

Complete end to end LMS administration & day-to-day management of your LMS


Human Resource Management System

Managing HR operations is easy as never before with HRMS solutions offered by Exalt Technologies, Based on the specific needs of our clients, we provide them with the software as individual modules and also as an integrated suite for workforce management. Our HRMS Solution encompasses key features like Attendance, Leave, Recruitment, Travel, PMS, Payroll, Task Management, Expense,and many more which allows you to automate, streamline, and optimize HR operations for improved employee satisfaction.

HR Essentials

Centralized HR information system, Complete org structure and configuration, Employee and HR related document tracker, Intelligent alerts and notification.

Leave Management

Manage leave in few clicks, configurable leave rules and validations, Complete seamless integration with payroll and calculation, Dashboard for Employee, Manager and Management, Custom escalation and approval workflows ensure pure automation.

Attendance Management

Unlimited shifts and roster configuration, Integration with Biometric and access control devices, System based overtime and shift planning, Easy geo location tagging / tracking, Mobile based access for Employees and Managers.

Payroll Management

Flexible, scalable and secure payroll engine ensure high availability, Updated with most recent payroll related statutory compliance, Complete calculation and workflow on IT Declaration and approval, Pay slip and IT computation sheer available on mobile app, Reports and analytics available at all the levels.

Travel Management

Easy travel requisition and approval process, Set up eligibilities and entitlements as per company policy, Mobile Travel desk ensures high accessibility and comfort to employee, Easy access to travel arrangements, tickets through mobile app, Reporting and mapping workflow for domestic and international travel.

Expense Management

Monitor and control the limits and eligibility automatically, Expense submission and workflow available on Mobile, Automated expense reporting and workflow ensure quicker processing, Ready expense accounting and JV available for leading ERP solutions, Custom workflow for exceptional approvals .


Align business goals to Employees, Collaboration platform for project teams, Simple Project and Task Allocation to teams, Quick availability of resource data, Direct and Indirect resource cost analysis.


In Depth Goal Setting and custom review, Periodic and contibues feedback mechanism, 360 Degree performance appraisal process, Sucession planning and talent management, Supports various frameworks to measure productivity.

Exit Management

Separation application and approval workflow, No dues clearance process and configurable exit checklist, Integrated full and final calculation and processing, Supporting document generation to formalize the reliving process, More streamlined exit workflow for smoother employment handover and exit.


Simplified Healthcare Delivery

The ability to respond to a patient at their time of need is possibly the most important service we provide as physicians. Patients want their healthcare to be as convenient as everything else in their lives. Deliver convenient telehealth that improves outcomes, reduces costs, and boosts revenue with the eVisit virtual care platform..

Standardize virtual care across your entire system - scheduling, intake, waiting room management, and discharge..

Flexible scheduling for patients, providers, and, well, schedulers, Efficient waiting room management,Essential virtual exam resources at your providers’ fingertips.Easily ePrescribe and collect payment. .

Choose a virtual care platform that won’t compete with you.

With direct-to-consumer offerings that compete for your patients. Exalt Technologies isn’t a healthcare provider. We give you the platform to deliver virtual care to your patients using your network of providers, .

Enhance your existing patient workflows

You don’t have to change your patient workflows to fit our telemedicine software. Our robust workflow engine has all the points of configuration, so you get the flexibility you need to enhance and automate your unique workflows.

Reduce technology barriers

Technology barriers can make delivering virtual care challenging, our adaptive, enterprise-grade video works within stringent firewalls and security policies while delivering HD quality video—all with no plugins..